The Economic Development and Social Sustainability research group is interested on social science research field. The socio-economic issues and legal framework in a global world are our main focus of interest. We are aware about the key role played for the inclusive economic and social policies as way for getting social sustainability, since they are a key matter for achieving global sustainable development.

Our common interest is to conduct research papers, attend and organize national and international conferences, keeping in touch with another researchers worldwide and organizing all kind of activities for sharing with our university students and general public, our main research findings. Summarizing, for boosting research on the socio economic field and its international and national legal framework.

University professors, teachers and PhD students at the University of A Coruña (Spain), and international collaborators, are members of our research group.


International Conference date

17 - 20 October, 2018 Click here for more information.

International Conference 2018

October 17 – 20


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